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fall like lightning from heaven

by margaret mendenhall

John’s world is filled with turmoil as the bubonic plague ravages his congregation. Can these hideous deaths be God’s will? If God is good, then why are bad things happening to good people? As John desperately searches the sacred text, he discovers the epic battle between light and darkness. His quest uncovers secrets that could cause the defeat of the wicked spirit who fell like lightning from heaven. Margaret Mendenhall takes you behind the scenes in an inspirational and eye-opening journey that exposes the lies and implications that endeavor to defame the character of God. Can the battle for mankind’s freedom be won—or is the price too high?

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The secret to healthy relationships

by margaret mendenhall

Relationships seem complicated, but what if the secret to building a healthy relationship was simple? God intended relationships to be good, but when sin entered the picture, dysfunction was the result. The world became populated with hurting people, wounded by broken dreams and shattered relationships. Can relationships be brought back to the glory God intended? Unlocking the Secret to Healthy Relationships uncovers the one secret that can bring a sick relationship tottering on the brink of death to a place of robust health.

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the monster and the miracle

by margaret mendenhall

The Monster and the Miracle is the gripping story of a man trapped in drug addiction presenting the possibility of escape from meth’s enslavement through the power of Jesus Christ. Based on a true story.

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Dawn of Silver Moon.jpg

dawn of the silver moon

by margaret mendenhall

Revenge plunges Lucy, a Quaker girl living in the 1840s, into the strange world of the Shawnee Indians where she discovers simple faith in God’s word can build a bridge between two cultures. Taken captive by a band of Shawnee and forced to travel from Kansas territory to Indian Territory, Lucy Struggles across a raging river at flood stage, faces a killer tornado, and endures threats from Black Crow, who wants to kill and scalp her to satisfy his vengeance or make her his woman. In the end, she must choose between a routine life with Jacob or opportunities among the Shawnee with Soaring Eagle. But with Black Crow’s threats, will she live long enough to make that choice? (Shawnee Friends Mission Series, Book One)

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Blood Moon.jpg

blood moon rising

by margaret mendenhall

It’s 1858. The Kansas-Missouri border seethes with racial hatred between anti-slavery and pro slavery factions. Amid this unrest, Mia arrives in Kansas Territory from Indian Territory to visit her grandparents at the Shawnee Friends Mission. The pleasant trip she has planned turns into a terrifying ordeal as she finds herself in the clutches of slave traders. Coming from aQuaker upbringing, her anti-slavery convictions are tested when she escapes slavery and certain death through the quick wit and sharpshooting of David Taylor—a slave owner. Although Mia and David’s conflict of beliefs take them in different directions, Mia cannot get him off her mind or out of her prayers. David follows a bloody path led by a mad man bent on destroying the Abolitionists. Will Mia’s prayers be enough to save the life of the man who saved hers? (Shawnee Friends Mission Series, Book two)

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