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 what are life groups?

In keeping with our vision, to strengthen the churches core, and to produce a unified, caring body of believers, we offer two life group sessions each year. It is an unfortunate misconception that folks perceive the church as simply a building where people meet a couple of times a week. Our life groups have the potential of being an effective vehicle that takes the gospel out of the four walls to meet people where they are at. It is very satisfying to see the body of Christ working to edify one another and pulling together to do the work of the ministry.

Our first life group session typically starts in the end of January and runs for 12 weeks, ending in April. After a summer break, the second session starts mid September, ending the first week of December.

There are a couple of ways to be involved in a Life Group here at Victory Center. First is obvious, wait for us to start advertising upcoming life groups, find one you want to be a part of and attend on the start date. The second way to be involved is for those of you who the Lord may be nudging to be a leader of a life group. Since life groups are interest driven, all you need to do is find some others who share your interest, get organized through the church and there you go, we have a life group. The options are wide open, if it interests you, chances are someone else likes it also. Life groups can be broken down into three main areas: Outreach -serving others, Discipleship- teaching others, and Lifestyle, which is basically fellowshipping with others around a common pursuit or pastime. Examples of each are limitless, only restricted by your imagination and whether or not someone else wants to join you in your pursuit of that topic.

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